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Does your furnace have a problem? Shorty’s Plumbing Service will provide you with the right solution if your furnace is not heating or blowing warm air. Don’t worry, your furnace is safe with us. Furnace service can be a bit tricky at times. On a gas furnace, it could be the thermocouple or maybe a limit switch. Once your furnace is repaired you can enjoy a warm and cozy home again. Just let us handle everything. We do furnace repair, and furnace maintenance, and can even install a new furnace for you. We have all your furnace maintenance needs covered. If your furnace is not working call for a Shorty’s Certified Technician to perform your furnace needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are proud of our fast response times and quick service.

When you need to have your furnace fixed quickly, Call Shorty’s.  Interested in a new furnace?

Our certified furnace technicians are available to schedule a furnace inspection with you. We offer more convenient hours, including evening/weekend appointments! If you are purchasing a new home or if you have recently moved into a new home, then take advantage of our complete home energy efficiency evaluation by one of our Certified Natural Resources Auditors. We provide a host of services, including furnace heating repair, furnace repair, and furnace maintenance.

Friendly People and Furnace Repair Service/Installation

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When it comes to furnaces, our technicians have the skills you need. Not only are they friendly and professional, but their experience and training are unrivaled. We can handle all sizes of jobs and all makes and models of furnaces – our heating & cooling technicians know how a furnace works through and through. If you hear a strange sound coming from the furnace, be it loud, or quiet, if it sounds unusual, get in touch with us. If you have furnace heating issues, need a new furnace or are interested in something more energy-efficient, we can do that too! Don’t spend more than necessary on repairs. Customers in Winnipeg deserve the best service for their dollar, and we provide upfront pricing on all furnace repairs.

Furnace Repairs Winnipeg Services

furnace fixed quickly in Winnipeg

With our climate, you need to be sure to have your furnace functioning properly. Furnaces are what keep us safe in the cold and comfortable when the seasons change. Today’s heating systems are built to carry these tasks out with maximized efficiency and minimal energy. If you find you’re repairing your furnace more frequently, consider looking into a new furnace – something more modern. Your furnace has the ability to heat your home and if you invest in a high-efficiency furnace, not only will you save on your bills, but your home’s value will increase. With that in mind, we are always more than happy to fix your furnace.

Your Furnace is Your Passport to Comfort

Winnipeg Winters are no laughing matter. While picturesque at times, the vicious nature of the subzero temperatures we see in Manitoba can kill. As a homeowner, you never want to go into the Winter season without confidence in your heating. What will you do if your furnace or boiler stops working? It can be the difference between reading a nice book curled up in a warm home or having to stay in a hotel or with relatives because your furnace cannot generate enough heat to keep you safe. This is why furnace maintenance and repair is extremely important for all homeowners.

Keeping your furnace in the best condition requires regular furnace maintenance and repairs. Get your furnace inspected by a member of our team. Our honest and professional staff can confidently let you know if all is well or if your old furnace needs work. Ideally, a furnace heating system is a reliable part of your home, at worse, it can be a major risk. A properly maintained furnace, regardless of age, will always yield lower energy costs and over time can save quite a bit of money.

Winnipeg – Furnace Services

These are the furnace-related services Shorty’s Plumbing offer you:

Furnace repair, including heating repairs and other HVAC issues,
 Furnace maintenance for various furnace brands.
Installation of any furnace system.


You Rely on Your Furnace – Talk to our Experts of Heating and Furnaces

We repair all brands of furnaces (Lennox, York, Electrolux, and more), including furnace maintenance and installation, a place where an honest tech can go a long way. If you aren’t sure what is wrong with your heating, our technicians can help. Shorty’s plumbing offers various furnace-related services. Whether you have a high-efficiency model, or your furnace is older, call us today! We want to help you!

Professional Furnace Repair from Skilled Winnipeg HVAC Technicians

If your heating system is not running, Shortys Plumbing Experts will be able to find out the problem.

If you’re not on an annual furnace maintenance schedule, it’s a perfect time to get started. A lot of furnace breakdowns or major heating repair issues can be avoided with tune-ups, which also keep your warranty valid, makes your furnace operate more efficiently, and can even make it last longer.

During the maintenance of the furnace, our furnace maintenance experts will inspect, clean, and lubricate essential parts. Furnace maintenance also includes inspecting or cleaning the heat exchanger, which can give off deadly carbon monoxide if cracks go unnoticed.

Emergency Furnace Repair

At Shorty’s Heating & Cooling, we fix all furnaces and air-conditioning models. When it comes to your family, you want a dependable heating system that provides value and comfort.

To prevent fixing an emergency furnace repair, the furnace (and indeed the entire heating system) should be periodically serviced. Besides the obvious health risk to your family, a poorly maintained furnace and central heating system will cost you money. Low-performing systems need more fuel to keep them going, and this directly affects both your budget and the planet’s health. Central heating systems should be professionally serviced once a year to minimize any wear and tear

Winnipeg Furnace Repair Service Area

Bridgewater South Pointe
Charleswood Southdale
Dakota Springfield
Downtown St. Boniface
East Kildonan St. James
East St. Paul St. Vital
Elmwood Transcona
Fort Richmond Tuxedo
Garden City Tyndall Park
Linden Woods Waverley West
Maples West End
North Kildonan West St. Paul
River East Westwood
River Heights Whyte Ridge
Rossmere Wildwood
Silver Heights Wolseley
Furnace Repair Winnipeg

Furnace service can be a bit tricky at times. On a gas furnace, it could be the thermocouple or maybe a limit switch. If your furnace is not working call for a Shorty’s Certified Technician to perform your furnace needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WINNIPEG’S experience and training are unrivalled. We can handle all sizes of jobs and all makes and models of furnaces. Furnaces are what keep us safe in the cold and comfortable when the seasons change.

Boiler Repair Winnipeg
WHY CHOOSE SHORTY’S PLUMBING FOR YOUR BOILER REPAIR & SERVICE INSTALLATION? Shorty’s Plumbing offers a full range of boilers repairs, maintenance and services. We can be reached at any time of the day or night for your needs. We take pride in caring for our clients’ boilers and will never fail to look out for them.
HOW TO BE SURE YOUR BOILER NEEDS TO BE SERVICED? Be on the lookout for strange sounds like clunking or banging. Make sure that there are no bad smells coming from your boiler that might indicate it is leaking carbon dioxide. Be wary of dark spots on the casings and a yellow flame. Heeding early warning signs of problems is essential to prevent problems.
WHAT ARE SIGNS YOUR BOILER NEEDS REPAIRS? Boilers that are not working properly can pose a list of health risks. Make sure that you call out a technician if you see dark stains on the casings. If you smell foul smells, or if the flame is bright yellow, these are not normal and should be called out too.
WHAT DO BOILER REPAIRS INCLUDE? Our technical experts will be happy to come and stop any leaks, replace corroded parts, tank flushing, repair or replace the water heating element, improve water pressure, and much more. Boiler repairs are tailored for the condition that the boiler is in when the tech arrives.

Call Shorty’s for all your boiler needs. Our technicians are ready to save the day 24 hours a day. Also, visit our service page to learn how we can assist with furnace repairs. We know how vital it is for your boilers to work flawlessly. Shorty’s Plumbing provides boiler repairs, maintenance, and installation.

We are available 24/7 for boiler repair, maintenance, and installation. Inefficient boilers can cause a number of health issues. There are many great brands and styles to choose from. It’s important to choose the right boiler for your home. Our service system can rarely fix a boiler in your home. We will work with you to find the best boiler repair or replacement option.

Boiler Repair Winnipeg: In need of boiler repairs?
We can get the job done fast! When your boiler goes, it becomes a priority.
Call Shorty’s to handle all your boiler repairs and maintenance
Available 24 hours a day, our technicians are waiting to jump in and save the day.
Furnace Repair Winnipeg

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24 7 Furnace Repair – Winnipeg’s Furnace Repair Professionals


24×7 Furnace Repairs and Furnace Maintenance

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24 7 Furnace Repair – Winnipeg’s Furnace Repair Professionals

24×7 Furnace Repairs and Furnace Maintenance

Winnipeg’s Emergency Furnace Repair Professionals

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