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What is a Heating Tune Up?

A heating tune up will include gas calibration as well as the cleaning and inspection of the furnace burner. Correct temperature output will be verified and safe operation will be tested. This tune up process makes sure that all of the parts of your furnace are in good working condition so that your furnace works perfectly all year. Heating tune ups can be a very big help if you schedule it right before the cold part of the year when your furnace will need to work hardest.

When Should I do a Furnace Tune-Up?

The best time to schedule your furnace system tune-up is in the fall. This is the time when you are switching to heating your home during the colder nights, but your furnace is not required to keep your home at the right temperature all day. You want to be sure that you are going to have a fully functional furnace when winter rolls around. The other time that is right for a tune-up, is when you are having issues with maintaining the temperature of your home when the heat is on, or if you are hearing strange noises coming from your furnace. It is always best not to neglect your furnace if it seems to be struggling to operate correctly.

Taking care of the systems that heat and cool your home is important. Being unable to keep your home warm in the winter makes sure that you will not experience burst water pipes and other problems and occur when cold weather gets extreme.

Can a Heating Tune-Up Improve Energy Efficiency?

Yes, heating tune-ups can uncover issues that have been leading to a reduced efficiency offered by your furnace. Tune-ups can lead to repairs that are needed to keep your furnace at its best. Sometimes simply cleaning and refreshing the system can make your home’s overall efficiency much improved. This can be particularly true if your annual furnace maintenance has been neglected for some time or if you have an older unit in your home that you are using for a few more years. Click here to know what regular maintenance should be done to keep your furnace in top shape.

Warranty work can be taken care of during your annual furnace maintenance and this is one of the best ways to make sure that you do not have to pay for repairs that are currently covered by a warranty. This can be true of your air conditioner and boiler as well. These warranty services can be scheduled after your annual services are completed or might be taken care of at the time of your home check and tune-up services.

What Does a Boiler Tune-Up Include?

Boilers need attention in fall as well, and the tune-up process for a boiler system is similar to that of a furnace. The tech will look at the pressure in the boiler and check that the connections to the boiler are not leaking. Ductwork and piping components will be checked as well. The condensate drain will be looked at and cleaned if need be and flues will be inspected. This process can lead to an improvement of 20% or more in the efficiency of your boiler.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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