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Furnace Replacement

Winnipeg furnace: Is your old furnace ready for a replacement?

When your furnace has reached the end of its lifecycle, it needs to be replaced right away, and by someone who knows what they’re doing. That’s where Shorty’s Plumbing comes in. Our experts’ technicians have the hands-on experience and knowledge to safely remove your existing furnace and install a new one. Call us to see how we can provide service with your furnace replacement today!

Furnace Installation Winnipeg: Replace your old furnace with a brand-new model installed by Shorty’s Plumbing

Our staff aren’t just helpful, they’re experts professionals, both friendly and courteous. From the moment we start to the moment we finish we’ll ensure you’re satisfied with all the work we do for you, and we’ll make sure we leave your home as clean as we found it! Whether it’s plumbing, heating, cooling or backhoe work, you can trust that you’re in capable hands with Winnipeg’s finest at Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating Inc. Experience the Shorty’s difference for yourself.

An energy-efficient furnace can save you money, month after month, year after year

The greatest benefit to obtaining a furnace replacement is the efficiency of the new units. It will use less energy and emit more heat. Plus furnaces make up to a large percentage of a home’s utility bill. By installing a new furnace you can realize savings every year. Furnace replacement is often a great investment when an old HVAC system is either inefficient or in need of repair.

Furnace Installation: Winnipeg, Manitoba Furnace Rentals, Replacement Furnace, and New Installations

When a new furnace is installed the service system components are assembled, installed, and tested. The installer selects the proper furnace and connects the system to the home’s power. The installer then finishes the furnace installation service by hooking up the system to the ductwork. Routine maintenance service of your new replacement furnace will save you from future repairs and replacement costs.

Shorty’s Furnace Replacement – FAQ

Does Shorty’s Plumbing offer furnace installation throughout Manitoba including Winnipeg?

Shorty’s provides furnaces services throughout the Winnipeg area and in much of Manitoba. There is no job that is too big or too small for our talented team of experts technicians. We know that you need to work with a furnace replacement team that you can trust and we make sure that we are available for assistance or service whenever you need us.

Does Shorty’s Plumbing do furnace installation?

Shorty’s can take care of all of your furnace installation service needs. We offer all the best brands for you to pick from if it’s time for you to get a new furnace to keep your home comfortable. Our furnaces service experts technicians have more experience than almost anyone else in the business and we know how to make sure that your furnace installation goes smoothly and with efficiency. Being able to get your furnace installed right away when you need it is very important and we will never let you down at Shorty’s.

What to look for when choosing a heating & air conditioning contractor?

You should always seek to work with a heating & air conditioning contractor that values your time and your comfort just as much as you do. At Shorty’s we will come to your location and formulate a quote for the services that you are requesting. We can take care of installations, repairs and troubleshooting with efficiency. Whatever you need, we can take care of it with a smile and a high level of skill. You should expect no less from the contractor that you call to help you with your heating and air conditioning service needs.

How long does a furnace installation take in Winnipeg?

The process of installing a Winnipeg furnace usually takes about 4-8 hours. You may need preparatory work done to your system in advance of the install and this might take a few hours or more depending on your effiiency needs. New ductwork and other necessary components furnace installations can add a lot of time to your overall furnace installation service process, but we always try to make sure that we are in and out of your home as soon as possible for efficiency. We know that you are having to move around your schedule and your day to let us work on your furnace and we respect your time as much as possible.

When to repair or replace your heating system?

There are many reasons that your heating system might need to be replaced or repair. If you hear strange noises coming from your system, or you have noticed that your thermostat is not reflecting the right temperature, these are early signs that your heating system might be failing or needs to be repair. Other signs of issues are very hot or very cold rooms in your house, or an increased electrical bill. We can help to verify that your system is performing as it should with a visit to check on the health of your entire heating system. You always want to repair your heating system before it fails, not after.

How much does it cost to install a furnace in Winnipeg?

It costs about $2,800 – $6,000 to install a furnace in Winnipeg. There are some factors that come into play with your total cost. You might need to do repairs to parts of your system or add ductwork and other modifications to make a new furnace or other heating solutions work properly and with efficiency.. If you need a new thermostat or other parts of your heating system will not work with your new furnace, your quote might be at the higher end of this range.

Can I install my own furnace in Winnipeg?

You can install your own furnace in Winnipeg but it is a hard process and you will need to do a lot of research before you buy any of the parts of your system. This can be an affordable option if you do not need to modify your overall heating system much, but it might become a very difficult process if you need to make major revisions to your heating system. Adding a furnace is just one step in what can be a very long process in some cases.
You need to make sure that you do not try to figure out how to do wiring and other tasks that you do not know how to do before you get started on your Winnipeg’s furnaces installation process. There is nothing worse than getting your install partially done only to find that you did not think about something important that is needed for the install.

What to expect during a furnace installation?

The efficiency process of an installation of furnaces might seem daunting if you are not sure what to expect. You will need to have the company that you are working with come to your home and give you a quote. You will have to assess your square footage and then your installer will make a recommendation for a furnace. The installer will verify what your ductwork is like and whether your thermostat will work for your needs.
The actual installation service will take a few hours to as much as a day. It will depend on if you need other changes to your ductwork and the rest of your system before you have your actual furnace installed. Your installation expert will be able to guide the efficiency process for you from start to finish.

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