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How Much Does It Cost To Install Central Air In Winnipeg?

There can be variables related to your air conditioning installation, but the average cost for central air installation is around $2,500 to $7,900. The exact air conditioning needs of your home can affect the ultimate total cost of your installation. If you live in an area that gets very hot summers, or if your home is very large for instance, you might need to have a larger or more robust central air installation process than someone with a smaller home who uses their central air for one month of the year.

How Much Does It Cost To Install An AC Unit?

In new air conditioner installation, the air conditioner unit itself is not the total cost of your installation. You will also need to figure in the labor that is involved in your installation. The AC unit itself might be around $2,000 but the total install for just the air conditioner unit will probably be around $3,000-$3,500.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Small Air Conditioner?

Small AC units are more expensive than a wall or portable unit, but they are more affordable than bigger systems would be to install. A small air conditioner unit will be about $2,000 without installation costs. The installation labor can be as much as $1,000 added to your total cost for this kind of unit installation.

How Long Does It Take To Install Central Air Conditioning?

If you have a very large home or no existing air conditioner in your home, the time involved can be more extensive than for a smaller system or a unit replacement process. You may need more than one unit to cool a large home and there might be requirements for changes within your home to make your central air work optimally.

Unit replacements can take a few hours while full installations can take a few days. The unique situation of your home’s needs and existing AC setup will affect the overall timeline for your installation.

How To Install Central Air Conditioning Yourself?

It is possible to install your own air conditioner system. You will need to configure the right length of your refrigerant line. You will need the right length of drain piping and you will need to connect electrical lines and the thermostat. You will need to charge the air conditioner unit with refrigerant in some cases as well.

This job might be much more complex if your home is older and does not have the correct arrangement of existing ductwork and other features that will make your new system work efficiently.

Where To Find a Central Air Conditioning Unit?

Home air conditioner units are sold at many locations. You can buy directly from an AC dealer and you can also get your unit from a home goods or home improvement store like Home Depot. There are many outlets that sell air conditioner units and you can usually shop through reviews and find the best prices when you work with a large supplier rather than a dealer directly.

How Central Air Conditioning Works?

Central air works by using your furnace or air handler fan to draw warm air in through the home’s ductwork. The condenser expels the heat into the outside air, cools the refrigerant, and then sends it back inside the home to start the process over again.

This makes central air much more efficient than other cooling solutions like wall and window units. You will save a lot of money on your electric and energy costs by having central air. Central air also usually uses the existing system that is in place in your home so that you do not have to install a second set of ductwork and other features to make your home cool as well as warm.

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Want the Most Accurate Estimates for Your Project?

Estimates need to be accurate for you to be sure that you are going to get the right install for your needs. You will never be confident in an installation that does not have all of the right items listed on it and you will feel like you might have paid too much if you find surprise costs in your bill at the end of the installation.

We will never bid low just to get a job and we offer transparent quotes that will be accurate and will not lead to surprise charges. Our skilled techs will be able to assess all of your needs for your total air conditioner system and we will make it clear to you what steps are needed to complete your installation.

What Factors Affect The Cost To Install Central Air?

The size of your air conditioner unit can affect your overall cost as there are many shapes, sizes, and designs of units on the market. You might need a large unit for your installation and this could drive up the cost, for example.

The efficiency rating of your AC unit can also affect the price. You might also need additional installations to be done to change out your AC unit arrangement for your central air. This might be ductwork, vents, or returns as well as changes to thermostat and wiring.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Central Air?

The cost of your central air system can cost you from $2,500- $8,000 total. Using the factors listed above, you can see that there are many factors that are involved in the installation process. These factors can all contribute to the cost of the installation overall.

How Big Of A Central Air Unit Is Needed?

The total square footage of your home is the factor that determines the size of the air conditioner unit that you need to cool your home. A 2-ton unit can cover 951-1250 SF. For homes that are 1501-1850 SF, you will need a 3-ton unit. Your installers will be able to evaluate the insulation of your home as well as other factors that might necessitate adjustments to the size of the unit that you need to heat your home the most efficiently.


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