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What Regular Maintenance Should I Be Doing To Keep My Furnace in Top Shape

Undoubtedly, your HVAC system is one of the most energy-consuming appliances in your home. Hence it must remain in good working condition to maintain its efficiency. With regular maintenance and repair, you’ll experience fewer system breakdowns, and your furnace will stay operational and functional. Here’s how you can regularly maintain your furnace:

Clean or Replace Your Furnace Filter Regularly

The furnace filter helps to transport conditioned air throughout your home. It captures dirt, debris, spores, pollen, bacteria, and other air contaminants before releasing the air into your indoor environment. Clogged furnace filters hinder free flow air and release inadequate air, thereby making your HVAC system inefficient. It would help if you changed your air filters every three months. Some air filters may last longer; check with the air filter manufacturer to know the recommended duration for replacement. An experienced furnace repair Winnipeg expert can help replace your furnace filters.

Ensure the Furnace Blower Motor Works Correctly

The blower motor distributes airflow throughout your home and provides air for your HVAC system. It is located close to the air filter and has many parts. However, the blower motor can break down if it’s not well maintained. When your blower motor is faulty, it can become noisy or give out sharp, screeching, or humming sounds. An HVAC expert can help you identify the cause and fix it before it damages the HVAC unit.

Open and Clean Your Household Vents

Your HVAC system would need to distribute air freely to remain efficient. Ensure that your household vents are free, clear, and functioning smoothly. Avoid using boxes, pieces of furniture, and any other household gadget to block the vents. Obstructed vents mean you get poor airflow, thereby making your AC system overwork itself to heat the home. Additionally, you’ll need to clean the vents and ensure they are free of pet hair, paper, dust, and dirt.

For A Gas Furnace, Ensure That the Exhaust Flue Is Free

Generally, an exhaust flue requires regular service due to the fumes (nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide) that pass through it. An obstructed exhaust flue can cause health problems such as fatigue, headache, nausea, dizziness, etc. If you suspect that your exhaust flue is blocked, do not hesitate to get an expert to check it out.

Avoid Placing Flammable Objects near The Furnace

A furnace can interact with flammable objects and cause hazards in your home. So it’s vital to remove plastic storage containers, documents, clothes, boxes, gasoline, paints, and any other highly flammable item from the surrounding area of the furnace.

Reduce the Heat Load

Cracks and tiny openings on windows and doors can allow air to escape, thereby making the furnace work more. Sealing all openings reduces the heat load and makes the furnace function better. If you experience heat loss in your home, you can get an HVAC expert to examine the source of the heat loss and provide solutions.

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