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Dos and Don’ts for Your Bathroom Remodel

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Remodeling your bathroom is a great choice when you want to update a commonly used area in your home. However, remodeling involves a lot of hands-on work and you might not have experience in this area. Before picking up a hammer and tearing down tiles, find out the common dos and don’ts. Learn from others’ successes and mistakes, so you can create a design that you will love for years to come.

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Here is a list of dos and don’ts for a bathroom remodel:



Not every idea is a bad idea. Many homeowners have created beautiful bathrooms without breaking the bank. These tips will help you create a space that will not only last, but will keep you happy for years to come. Here are some things you should do for your bathroom remodel.

Do Expect the Unexpected

Whether you’re remodeling because of existing bathroom issues or not, look for potential problems before you finish making all your plans. Bathrooms often have hidden water damage from showers or toilets. A good indicator of water damage is spongy laminate or wooden flooring.
Along with water damage, you may have a vent in a spot on the wall that you wanted to knock down. To prepare for these kinds of problems, give your budget a 10-15% cushion. This way, you don’t have to abandon your remodel because of unexpected complications.

Do Hire a Professional Plumber

Leave any complicated installations for professionals. Trying to install or move pipes can be difficult and may end up wasting your time. You also risk creating more damage to your bathroom, which will cost you more money to fix. To avoid this, call a professional plumber for clean and reliable results.

Do Consider Lights and Ventilation

Many older homes don’t have bathroom fans and experience water damage. Water damage not only looks bad, but also causes mildew and mould. Prevent water damage by installing a bathroom fan. As a rule of thumb, smaller bathrooms require a duct system of 50 cubic feet per minute. For larger bathrooms, or bathrooms with steam showers, you may need more. You may also want a humidity-sensing unit to turn on and off depending on moisture levels in the air.
For lighting, consider creating layers of illumination in the room. For example, your main light creates shadows on your face when sitting at a vanity. To prevent shadows, incorporate wall lighting above or on the sides of mirrors. Additionally, showers and toilets may need their own extra lighting.

Do Get Quality Surfaces

A bathroom counter usually experiences a lot of wear and tear. Think ahead and get quality surfaces that will last for a while. For example, porcelain may chip and laminate may scratch. Instead, use granite, quartz, or enamel-on-steel for a stain-resistant and durable surface.



These tips will help you avoid mistakes that cost time and money. Here are some things you shouldn’t do during your bathroom remodel:

Don’t Rush

Once you decide that you want a remodeled bathroom, you probably want it finished the next day. However, take time to plan the design and costs to avoid going over your budget. Poor planning may lead to redoing projects, which leads to greater costs. To avoid this, spend a few months considering what you want before you start. Keep pictures of bathroom ideas you like to help you refine your design.
During the planning process, consider rearranging the layout. Now is the time to figure out plumbing lines. Remodeling doesn’t happen every day, so organize the space how you want.

Don’t Clutter

The more you can clear the counter, shower, and toilet area from unnecessary clutter, the better. Decide what appliances are necessary to have on the counter in the planning process. This will allow you to create storage for appliances beneath the counter or in a closet.
However, even if you don’t store appliances on the counter, that doesn’t mean you don’t need counter space. Many families use the vanity area daily for many different tasks. It’s important to have space to set brushes, curling irons, or face creams on. Consider counter sinks over pedestal sinks if you typically get ready for the day in your bathroom. Additionally, consider a single sink rather than a double to allow more counter space.

Don’t Forget to Think Ahead

To avoid wanting to remodel your bathroom in 10 years, think ahead. Avoid trendy designs that may lose appeal in a few years. Additionally, consider incorporating a walk-in shower and/or bench for easy access during the aging process. You may want to incorporate grab bars in the tub or by the toilet for seniors, pregnant women, and/or young children. As for toilets, choose a comfortable height that is easy to stand up from.

Don’t Settle

Although budget is often on the top of the priority list for most families, don’t allow your budget to stop you from quality. You may save money on small, uncomfortable toilets and tubs initially, but over time you may have to replace these inexpensive appliances. Consider splurging for what you want, so you don’t end up having to make replacements again anytime soon.
Now that you know the dos and don’ts for a bathroom remodel, check out our other blogs for more ideas on home remodels, and be sure to contact us with all your questions!