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Winter Is Almost Here: Have You Properly Stored Your Hoses?

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hoseThe harsh winters of Winnipeg mean icy driveways and front steps, but you may not have considered the impact on hoses outside your home. Even if the water is turned off for the season, leaving hoses and nozzles outdoors could result in freezing, damage and very costly repair.
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Save yourself the cost and hassle by ensuring your home’s outside water sources are properly winterized.
How to Prepare Your Outdoor Hoses for Winter
Avoid a mid-winter emergency call to your Winnipeg plumber by following these tips for winterizing your hoses:
  •  Shut off the water – The outdoor faucet usually has a separate shutoff valve inside the house. Once the water is shut off, turn the faucet on to release any remaining water.
  • Remove the sprayer nozzle – Drain the nozzle, if you have one attached, to remove any excess water. Let the nozzle dry completely before putting it in storage.
  • Disconnect the hose – If you have multiple hoses hooked together, disconnect them into separate lengths.
  • Drain the hose sections – Remove any water that remains inside the hoses. Any water left in the hose may freeze, expand and cause permanent damage to the interior walls.
  • Coil the hose for storage – Coil the hose into large loops, approximately 2 feet in diameter. Once complete, check the hose to ensure there are no sections that are kinked or pinched.
  • Connect the ends of the hose – If possible, screw the ends of the hose together. This keeps the interior clean throughout the winter months and prevents the hose from unraveling.
  • Use a hanger inside the garage or shed – Storing the hose inside protects it from the frigid temperatures. Hanging the hose on a proper hanger with a curved surface that is large enough to support it helps to retain its shape. Using a nail may cause a kink or breakage from weight in one spot over an extended period of time.
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